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An Arrow Against the Wind Commentary: Athson's Choices

Athson has choices. Can he make the right ones?

Interviews With Tordug Part 3: The White Arrow

In this fictional interview of a character from The Bow of Hart Saga, the reporter discovers some surprising news.

Interviews With Tordug Part 2: An Arrow Against the Wind

An in-depth fictional interview of the former lord of Chokkra regarding An Arrow Against the Wind.

Interviews With Tordug Part 1: The Bow of Destiny

What's all the commotion at Marston's Station? Find out in this fictional news report!

5 Signs You've Gone Too Far With Your Fantasy Novel

Today, I share 5 signs you may have gone too far with your current fantasy novel.

Pre-Order Announcement: The White Arrow!

The White Arrow is now in pre-order - read an excerpt and the un-official blurb - even see the video trailer!

5 Counter-Intuitive Reasons to Read this Book this Summer

An Arrow Against the Wind was released in late April right into the vacation season over the last several months but it's setting is more wintry.